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Music Distribution Plans
1. Select a plan
2. Click Subscribe
3. Send an e-mail to musicpromotion@publicist.com with your artist name. Further instructions will be sent to you via e-mail.

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Royalties are paid monthly.

Unlimited Music Distribution:

Distribute an unlimited number of songs/albums for a simple price. Other companies make you pay per song/album uploaded, but you get an unlimited amount with us. Whenever you release a new song/album, send it to us and we will add it to the stores. You get full control of the artist name, artwork, track listing, record label name, copyright name, publishing name, etc.

Free UPCs and ISRC codes too!

Stores include...

Unlimited Music Distribution, Song/Album Promotion: Includes constant promotion for your online stores, bringing in audiences & new fans.

Unlimited Music Distribution, Song/Album + Social Media Promotion: Includes constant promotion for your online stores + Promotion for your Social Media (Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) bringing in audiences & new fans. This is the ultimate package for artists seeking the greatest growth in the music industry.

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