Unlimited Promotion & Blog + Radio Submissions (Monthly Promotion for All Urls)

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Unlimited Promotion & Blog + Radio Submissions (Monthly Promotion for All Urls)

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Unlimited links are promoted by being published to all followers, websites/blogs, and e-mail lists we network with worldwide.

Record Label Promotion: Client list includes major labels such as Def Jam, Konvict, RCA, Capitol, etc. We have years of experience & our team has the essential tools to turn your marketing budget into a growing fanbase. We are now working with Indie artists because we feel the music industry shifting. You are creating your movement from the ground up and we would feel honored to be a part of your success.

Results Guaranteed.

Limited Time Bonus: Become a member and receive the bonus "Famous Viral Promtotion (Average 3,000,000 plays + Mass likes/reposts/comments/followers)" You may split the bonus with any number of tracks.



Promoted daily for selected amount of months.

E-mail musicpromotion@publicist.com after purchasing. Send unlimited amount of links to this e-mail and instantly receive promotion on the daily basis.

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